Imported Pigments & Granules

Kamil packaging uses high-quality imported pigments and granules to produce the best packaging and cost effective products. All the imported PP resins and related production materials are food-grade & FDA approved.

Gas Chromatography (GC):

A gas chromatograph separates volatile gaseous compounds carried by an inert gas such as helium, nitrogen, argon, or hydrogen across a solid stationary phase. Components in a gas chromatograph include a sample injector, flow controller, GC column, column oven, a detector, and a computer for data acquisition and analysis. 

Our Gas Chromatograph is equipped with several types of detectors including: 

  • Flame ionization detector (FID).
  • Thermal conductivity detector (TCD).
  • Flame photometric detector (FPD).
  • Electron capture detector (ECD).
  • Mass spectrometer.

Universal Tester

A Universal testing machine (UTM) is used to test the mechanical properties (tension, compression, etc.) of a given test specimen by exerting tensile, compressive, or transverse stresses. The machine has been named so because of the wide range of tests it can perform over different kinds of materials.

Our UTM performs tests on packaging material to ensure quality:

  • Peel test.
  • Flexural test.
  • Tension test.
  • Bend test. 
  • Friction test.

Zahn Cups

A Zahn cup is a viscosity measurement device widely used in the packaging industry. It helps to determine the fluid thickness and flow resistance of packaging inks. 

The Zahn at our quality assurance lab has the following notable advantages: 

  • Highly accurate
  • Robust, (built for industrial environments)
  • Applicable to a wide variety of applications
  • Can be used in-line, (in the process), with real-time feedback.
  • Not affected by flow rate or external vibrations

Physical Balance

The physical balance is a measuring instrument used to measure various chemicals and additives. The physical balance consists of the following parts:

  • Weighing pan – The area in which an object is placed in order to be weighed.
  • Base – The base rests underneath the weighing pan and can usually be customized to fit on a workbench or set up with tripod legs.
  • Beams – The three beams on the balance are used to set the level of precision, with each beam working at different increments (generally 1-10 grams, 10 grams, and 100 grams).

Karl Fischer (UK)

It is used for coulometric and volumetric water content and moisture determination. It has optimal software control also the sample preparation and automation solutions.

Some essential features of Karl Ficher (UK)

  • Accurate determination of any water content (0.001 to 100%).
  • Operation with advanced software for full compliance.
  • Coulometers with automatic start of titration and reagent exchange.
  • Volumeters with intelligent dosing element.


A colorimeter is a device used in colorimetry that measures the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution.

  • It allows automatic correction.
  • It offers precise observation with a real color screen display.
  • Its measurement is stable and robust.

OTR – Oxygen Transmission Rate Machine:

This instrument is used to determine the oxygen permeability of films used for packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It tests plastic films, plastic composite films, and paper-plastic composite films. Moreover, it is also used for testing of Aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum composite films.

  • Program controlled testing for easy control of test parameters to get accurate test results.
  • It records the curves of the permeation rate, oxygen concentration, humidity, and temperature with real-time display to monitor.
  • Equipped with functions of double cavity pressure control and automatic pressure balance.

WVTR – Water Vapor Transmission Rate Machine

This instrument is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, flexible packaging materials industry, and related industries in the field of manufacturing of plastic film, barrier materials, sheets, metal aluminum, PVC sheets, etc for measurement of Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) of material and product quality control. It is also widely used in research and educational institutions to study the application characteristics of materials.

  • High-precision sensors with over-range protection.
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control for each chamber.
  • Real-time display of test results and related curves.

Density Machine

This density test machine covers the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition of rubber products of the “R” family; describe the determination of the specific gravity (relative density) and density of solid plastics in forms such as sheets, rods, tubes, or molded items; and the determination of the density and relative density of non-cellular plastics in the form of sheet, film, tube, molded objects, and molding powders, granules and pellets.

  • Accurate measurement of the specific gravity of rubber, plastics, and much more.
  • High stability weighing sensor.
  • Auto-weighing function


An incubator is a device used to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and other conditions such as the CO2 and oxygen content of the atmosphere. It has various uses in packaging plants like it is used to keep reactive chemicals, lubricants, and other substances.

Densitometer: It is a device that measures the degree of darkness of photographic or semitransparent material or of a reflecting surface. It is used to measure the density of packaging films in our packaging plant. 


Quality Assurance Lab

The Quality assurance lab is a vital part of the Kamil Packaging plant. The state-of-the-art lab is equipped with advanced equipment required for quality assurance. The top-quality equipment is imported from the best manufacturers whose total cost ranges up to $65000. We’ve got a team of experts on board to perform essential quality checks for quality assurance using the following principal equipment.

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