We master the art of flexible packaging

Kamil Packaging is providing the best flexible packaging solutions for a decade. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who trust in our services and us. It has become possible because of our state-of-the-art packaging plant, strict quality control, and the legacy that we’re continuing. We’re housing 500+ skilled workers and using the most advanced machinery to produce the finest packaging products. We’re continuously researching and developing indigenous packaging solutions for our clients. We’re the Kamil Packaging – masters of packaging!

  1. The Beginnings

    In 1957, Kamil & Sons was established to fulfill the growing demands of paper and board in the newly born state of Pakistan. In the next few years, the company started to expand the business and production capacity by integrating skilled manpower and machinery. And it emerged as a trusted name in the industry having an extended clientele. After years of delivering quality paper and board products, the founders planned to extend the operation in more sectors. Hence, the vision of Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd was ascertained.

  2. The Establishment

    In 2015, Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd came into being. The company was started to carry on the legacy of Kamil & Sons, the legacy to become a trusted name in the industry. As trust is built on a strong base, Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd assembled a state-of-the-art packaging plant equipped with hi-tech machinery and well-trained professional staff. The company set strict rules and regulations to maintain international standards and the finest quality. All this become the identity of Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd; thus, the legacy was continued.

  3. The Success Story

    Today, Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd stands as a top-level packaging company delivering its products in local and international markets. It has become a trusted name in the industry providing a wide range of packaging products for various edible and non-edible materials. Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd is fulfilling the packaging requirements of top companies and the number of its happy customers is increasing day by day. With the firm belief, dedication, and expertise the Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd will continue to grow.