Our Packaging Facility Outlook

Kamil Packaging is equipped with high-tech machinery imported from top manufacturers from around the world. We at Kamil Packaging believe in producing top-quality products following international standards. Our affirmation of quality standards and use of cutting-edge technology makes us different from the competitors. Housing 500+ skilled workers, Kamil Packaging (Pvt) Ltd stand as No.1 in the market.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

We have five printing machines imported from Italy, Japan, and China. Top of the line is a rotogravure printing press that fully satisfies market demand. It’s a compact, cost-effective, and highly productive machine suitable for medium to long-run production of high-quality printed flexible packaging products. The current rotogravure printing press employs a printing cylinder that has been laser-etched with minute cells capable of storing ink and whose size and design correspond to the desired picture. By combining pressure and capillary action, these cells are forced to deposit their ink directly onto the substrate, resulting in the printed image.

Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine

Our packaging factory is equipped with two Stack Type Flexo printing machines. This high-tech machine enables us to meet all of our clients Flexo Printing needs. We’re happy to use leading brands equipment at our facility because it creates outstanding printing and packaging equipment. We can meet market demand thanks to its high-speed running capacity. To produce the best prints, this machine uses a cutting-edge inking and drying mechanism. The robust construction of the programmable AC imported drive-driven Flexographic printing machine allows for maximum speed, stability, and ease of operation. Reduced film waste is ensured by elegantly designed, state-of-the-art equipment with an almost tolerance-free format setting. The stack Flexo press machine is particularly environmentally friendly due to its ability to use water-based ink and its quiet operation.

Solventless Laminator (European)

Developed by the leading Spanish packaging machine manufacturer Comexi, this Solventless Laminator is an advanced rotogravure printing machine. The machine produces optimal packaging material complying with European standards – A technological masterpiece at Kamil Packaging.

3 Layer Plastic Blown Machine

We’ve installed a modern 3 Layer Plastic Blown Machine for laminates. The machine is specifically designed for plastic extrusion in packaging plants. It operates at a relatively higher speed and completes the extrusion process smoothly. The efficiency and durability of the machine make it a masterpiece. Its contemporary design makes it perfect for our plant. Its excellent melt homogeneity assure proper extrusion of plastic.

Spanish CI Flexo Printing Machine

Our packaging facility has the most advanced Ci Flexo printing press manufactured by Spanish packaging giant. This high-tech machine allows us to cater to all Flexo Printing requirements of the clients. Comexi produces remarkable printing and packaging equipment, we’re proud to have it in our plant. Its high-speed running capacity enables us to fulfill market demand. This machine uses cutting-edge inking and drying system produce the finest prints. And Its digital control and accessibility help us to ensure seamless running.

Rotogravure Cylinder Making Machine

We have imported an ingenious Rotogravure Cylinder Making Machine from the leading Chinese manufacturers YUBO. The avant-garde machine facilitates the packaging process at Kamil Packaging Pvt Ltd. It helps us in engraving accurate prints on rotogravure cylinders. Its accuracy allows us to properly engrave the prints on image carriers. Moreover, It is equipped with advanced mechanical system and integrated circuitry assuring its reliability.

Inspection Rewinder

Kamil Packaging is the name of quality that comes from strict quality control and adherence to set standards. To ensure top-quality products meeting all the standards, we’ve equipped our plant with an advanced inspection rewinder machine. The machine enables us to maintain quality efficiently and adhere to our zero-defect policy.

Slitters Machine

The Kamil Packaging plant is equipped with eight imported slitters from top manufacturers of European and Chinese markets. These slitters aid the process of producing the finest quality packaging material at our plant. We’ve hired experienced professionals to run these slitters that ensure the seamless functioning of our plant.

Solvent Base Laminator

Apart from Solventless laminators, we at Kamil Packaging also use Solvent Base laminators. Our Solvent Base laminators are developed using ultra-modern technology to meet the quality standards of Kamil Packaging. These laminators produce reliable and cost-efficient packaging material as per the requirements of the customers. Our specialized team operates four Solvent Base Laminators at the Kamil Packaging plant.

Bag Making Machine

The state-of-the-art bag-making machines designed using modern engineering techniques are part of the Kamil Packaging plant. These machines produce premium quality customized bags and pouches according to the customer requirements. Our 11 bag-making machines are handled by trained technicians under the supervision of experienced professionals. The bags and pouches produced at the Kamil Packaging plant also go through strict quality control checks to ensure premium quality.

      • Box Pouch
      • 4 Side Seal
      • Nozzle Pouch
      • 3 Side Seal
      • Bread Pouch
      • Centre Seal & Standup Pouch